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Hey guys,

The following is our interview with SoranoSuzu winner of the august theme contest for which the theme was props.

Tell us a bit about yourself like who you are and where you're from.
Hello everyone! I'm from Russia, Moscow, I study at costume design university. Cosplay - my very favorite hobby, I love all about craftsmanship/sewing, I love to dream and put my dreams to life sometimes.

How long have you been cosplaying?
I've started to cosplay about 6 years ago.

How did you get into cosplay?
I've always adored craftsmanship and sewing, and I love to act on scene. Cosplay has became perfect combination of things I love to do more than others.

What is your favorite cosplay?
My favorite cosplay - Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood. It's my most difficult costume and Abel is my really beloved character.

What is your least favorite cosplay?
I really like all characters and costumes that I choose, so really I don't know which my cosplay is my least favorite. Every my cosplay I like for something.

What is your fondest cosplay memory?
My fondest cosplay memories is always connected with my dear friends, who cosplay with me and gave me priceless support and help.

What is your worst cosplay memory?
My worst cosplay memories is all about hard times, when I try to finish big amount of things in very short time.

Best part of cosplaying?
Opportunity to create wonderful things by your own hands, put your skills and talent for something unbelieveable, finding interesting solutions for hard tasks. And magic of transform in characters that you really love, of course.

Worst part of cosplaying?
When you doesn't keep up in time with your project and when receiving poor feedback after terrible work.

Tell us a bit about the cosplay and photo that won the theme contest.
This costume was my dream for really long time. I'm really glad that now I have enough skills to make it - not perfectly maybe, but at least pretty good I hope. I've spent a lot of time for that costume, but I think there is still left something that I should've made more properly. One day, I wish, I'll make really good and detailed Abel costume that I'll be proud of.
Photo made by my dear friend Kupurina Erra, who also study at my university. I feel really grateful to her.

And last but not least, any advice for the cosplayers reading this?
Every time You cosplaying, put maximum efforts and inspiration to what You do! Love characters that You cosplay - if You will, to work with costume would be pleasant and interesting.

TB_Holy Bible by SoranoSuzuPrincess Tutu_ Prince Mytho by SoranoSuzuScissors Crown_Play with me? by SoranoSuzuTTGL_What's left behind by SoranoSuzu

Have a nice day!
~CCP Team
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September 8, 2012


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